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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Aratikaya vepudu/Plantain Fry

There are so many dishes you can make with Plantains. This fry is authentic Andhra dish, green chilies are used instead of chilli powder.  Got this recipe from my mom, actually just seeing her make it.

Coming to the recipe...

Preparation Time: 10 minutes 
Cook Time: 15 minutes 
Serves : 2-3

Plantains/Aratikayalu : 4 medium sized 
Onion : 1 medium cut in half and sliced
Curry leaves: 1 sprig 
Turmeric: 1 tsp 
Cumin coriander powder: 1 tbsp 
Salt to taste 

For Tempering:
Chana dal/Senaga pappu: 2 tsp 
Urad dal/Minappappu: 1 tsp 
Cumin/Jeera : 1 tsp 
Mustard seeds/Aavalu: 1 tsp 

To make a corse paste:
Green chilies: 6 small 
Ginger: 2" piece 
Garlic : 2 Cloves
Cumin seeds : 1/4 tsp 
A punch of salt

Oil your palms, peel the skin off plantains and cut into 1/4" thin slices.
Heat oil in a pan and all ingredients listed under for tempering and sauté for 1 minute.
Add curry leaves, onions, turmeric and sauté till they turn translucent. Add the chilli paste and mix well.
Add plantains and toss well. Cook for 1 minute and close lid for 5-6 minutes on low heat. 
Take the lid off, put salt and cumin coriander powder toss well, cook for another 3 minutes or until the plantains are fully cooked and turn off the heat.

Serve hot with rice or roti.

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