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Thursday, April 7, 2016

H - Halwa Boorelu

Halwa Boorelu is an Andhra Dish where Sooji halwa is made and used when it is warm or cold.
The outer layer is like thick dosa batter but a little bit of bellam/Jaggery is mixed in it for sweetness and no fermentation is needed.
The dish is normally served as a snack in the evening or as prasadam offering for God. 

Soaking Time: 5-6 hours
Preparation Time: 20 minutes 
Cook Time: 30 minutes 
Makes : 12 Halwa Boorelu 


For Outerlayer:
Urad Dal/Minappappu: 1/2 cup
Parboiled rice : 1 cup
Salt : 1 teaspoon 
Jaggery/ Bellam: 1 teaspoon 

For Halwa:
Sooji/Bombai rava: 1/2 cup
Water : 1 cup
Sugar : 3/4 cup 
Ghee : 3 tablespoons 
Elachi/ green cardamom: 3 powdered
Yellow food color: 2 drops or a pinch


Wash and soak dal and rice for 5-6 hours. Drain them and grind into a fine batter by adding little water.
Add rest of the ingredients listed above, mix well and keep aside.
Roast Sooji in 1 teaspoon of ghee and keep aside.
Heat water in a pan and add Sooji. Once the water is evaporated, add sugar, food color, ghee and mix well. Cook for 2 minutes. Add Elachi powder, mix well and cook for 1 more minute. Turn off the stove and let it cool.
Heat oil for deep frying, Make 12 equal size balls, dip the balls into the batter and fry them till golden on both sides in small batches. It should take 2-3 minutes per batch.
Serve hot or cold.


  1. Yummy.. We make seeyam or siyam in the same way. But the inner filling is the coconut pooranam. Sooji filling sounds delicious. Will try it.

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